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Are we meeting Monday?

Kitty and I have stuff up, but Jess and Kei don't. Do we want to put this off for another week? Or put if off indefinitely if there's not enough interest? We could also go to an alll-online format if people would prefer that. Also, if I'm being rude in declaring Kei/Jess's place as our meeting place, tell me so and we can meet at my place.

Foray into Publishing

I submitted "Sure Thing" to The Vestal Review. I'm going to submit "The Perils of Inner Plumbing" after you guys look at it, or on the 18th, whichever comes sooner. Wish me luck.


Meeting stuff

A couple of questions worth discussing:

- I know that, in the last incarnation of this group, Suz mentioned having some writing time during meetings, either from a prompt or freewriting. Are we still interested in that? Maybe we could rotate and have a different person choose the prompt each time (the 'host'? draw it out of a hat?). Thoughts?

- FOOD. Everyone likes food. I think potluck might work. Any suggestions?

Tag Guidelines

Here's some recommended guidelines for tagging posts in this community, so as to make browsing, searching, navigating, and all that other stuff that helps you find your way around easier.

When posting a piece of writing for discussion with the group include the following items:
  • Date when the piece will be discussed (format with dashes like so: 7-17-07 or 12-30-07)
  • Your name - you may use your first name, nickname, online handle, whichever you choose, but once you tag yourself with that name, you're stuck with it, all of your posts should use the same name tag
  • Type of piece: e.g., poem (not poetry, the precedent has been set), essay, short story, book excerpt, screenplay, play script, etc.

Posts such as this one that deal with community and group administration should be tagged "administrative."

In general, check the tag cloud on the left sidebar to see which tags have already been used to ensure that you're not using a new word that means the same thing someone else used.

More guidelines may follow, but this is what we'll stick with for right now.

Administrative Announcement

Ok, I hope that's not too much from me for the first meeting. If we don't get to everything, we don't get to everything. Sorry about the plethora of love-y relationship poems. At least they aren't about abortions.

For those who have longer pieces, I don't know if you want to post from the beggining or what, but using the tag feature will probably help and give each installment a number. We should probably also indicate in the tag when the piece will be discussed. I'm going to go add that to my pices now.

Peace out,


July 17th Jess/Kei's

July 31st Suz's (Henceforth known (in a purely ironic sense) as "The Fortress of Solitude")

Aug 14th Kei/Jess's

Aug 28th Kitty's

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